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R&D Tenders
Granted proposals:



Grant (1000 HUF)

Kozma László programme
Development of stress tolerant microbial soil inoculant preparations and the elaboration of a soil diagnostic kit serving market protection purposes      
2007.01.01-2009.09.30 29.799
Jedlik Ányos programme                    Production of an environmentally sound and cost economical soil microbiological product line for nutrient supply provision
2008.01.01-2010.12.15 132.364
Organic fruit and vegetable production – a microbiological approach
2009.01.01-2011.12.31 35.936
Baross Gábor programme  
Establishment of the Central Genetical and Analitical Laboratory
2010.07.01-2012.06.30 300
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