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Saniplant Biotechnological Research and Development Ltd. was established in 1991. Since 2006, the main activity of our company is research and product development in the field of agricultural biotechnology, microbiology and environment protection. We develop biotechnologically produced, cost-effective and environment friendly soil-amelioration and plant protection solutions which promote sustainable agricultural production due to reducing the need for artificial fertilizers and pesticides.
The main profile of R&D work is the development of innovative, soil bacterial inoculant preparations with novel, favorable microbial activities in order to enhance crop production in field cultivation, horticulture or forestry, in both small and large scales.
The enterprise is majority owned by a Hungarian private individual, the minority owner is the Hungarian Biotechnological Research Center (Gödöllő) since 2009.
The enterprise operates research laboratories in Budapest and Gödöllő.

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